Bathroom Shmathroom

Who needs a master bathroom, right?

This is just a quick update to say, first, hello!  And to say, second, that the bathroom is still in studs.  We took our good ol’ time figuring out what kind of shower and fixtures we wanted, and once we decided, we had to wait for them to come in.  We just got the call today that most of it has arrived…huzzah!  Hopefully, we can get some progress going in the next week or two.

Hopefully 😉

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John Update

Here’s a little update on our master bathroom…


Chris has taken down the wall that separated the hall closet from the shower.  He moved the wall 10 inches into the closet and built a new wall there.  (This picture is actually taken looking through the closet and into the bathroom!)  We now have a smaller, but still totally serviceable, hall closet and a larger shower…it was a bit shy of a three-foot square shower, and now it’s a full 4′ x 3′.  It’s ah.mazing how much room a foot of space adds to a shower!


Chris has also roughed in some plumbing for an overhead rain shower!  I can’t wait for this, and I know that he can’t, either.  When we’re all finished, it will be the first time he’s fit under a shower head in our house!  There’s also a rough-in for an in-shower light, which will be divine as well.


We’re now figuring out what kind of shower we’d like to have.  We’ve been going back and forth about this one, but I think we’ve finally decided to give tiling a try.  We know we want white (basic porcelain white tile is cheaper than other options, it never goes out of style, and it always matches any decor we bring in), but now, we’re playing around with types and sizes of tile and deciding if we want any accent tiles.  I’m calling up my inner Sarah Richardson for this one!

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About the John

After a couple of months of relative silence, lots of changes, big and small, have been happening around here.  Today, I’d like to talk about my John….my master bathroom.


The bathrooms in our house are original, and unfortunately, both of the showers have leaked in the past.  While our quick silicone fix seems to be holding in our hall bathroom, the silicone job in the master shower wasn’t working any more.  We knew we’d eventually have to replace both showers, so Chris tried onelasttime to silicone the cracked tile in the master shower.

No luck.

This discovery coincided with a visit from Chris’ best friend, Niels, who lives in Denmark.  Both like to DIY, so when I got home from work last week, I found this…


And this.


Since the shower kept leaking, they decided to take it out.


And then the vanity also went.


And then a wall went, too.


Fortunately, we do actually have something like a plan.  Our original shower was tiny, 3′ x 3′, and the ceiling was also lowered for no apparent reason.  The shower head was so low that I barely fit under it (and I’m only 5’5″!).  Chris, at 6’3″, never even came close.  Our ultimate decision was to take half of the space from the hall closet that is next to the shower so that we can have a 4 foot shower.  We’re also raising the ceiling back up so that we can (hopefully) have a rain shower head hanging right from the ceiling, with plenty of room for Chris underneath!

Thus far, we’re still in the demo stages.  It will definitely be a long project, but I’m excited to get it done!

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Radio Silence

I’m ba-ack!

It’s officially the first day of Spring, and I’m officially back from silence.

What happened?

Well, I needed a break…for a couple of reasons.

First, I was feeling really overwhelmed.  I was trying to write daily posts and work full-time as a teacher (which requires so. much. work beyond a regular school day) that I just burned myself out.  I had nothing left to say.  Plus, we were a bit burned out on doing projects around the house.  I was sort of tired of feeling like we were living in a disaster area.

Second, I was unhappy.  I always get the winter blues, especially in December and February, but this year’s case was far worse than usually.  There was a dark, heavy cloud that hung over me for most of February and well into March.  You know how Pig Pen is constantly surrounded by a cloud of dirt?  That’s how I felt, only with a depressive sad face cloud all around me.  But, I’m happy to report that I’ve been feeling much happier lately, and while every day isn’t perfect, I do feel as though I’m turning the proverbial corner!

At any rate, I’m back, and I’m happy to be back.  I’m not promising regular posting, because I do still have a lot on my plate, but I’m also not going to just disappear for weeks months, either.  Plus, there actually have been a lot of changing going around at this hus that I can’t wait to share!

Happy Spring, and remember, if you are lucky to live near one, it’s Free Rita’s Day!

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Living Room Update

Happy Monday!I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and that, if you’ve got winter weather today, you are safe, warm, and dry wherever you are.

I’ve been meaning to share this new addition to our lives since last month, but, well, other things (including a Christmas tree) got in the way.

In the fall, Chris took a wood shop class on Wednesday nights at our local tech school.  We really wanted a built in cabinet to go under the floating shelves he built next to the fire place, because we didn’t really have any place for the cable box/dvd player/etc.


This is what the space looked like after he built the floating shelves.  We actually had the cable box and everything on to tv stands (mildly embarrassing), and not all of our components were even there.

Fast forward to mid-December, and we had this!



So. much. better.  The doors are frosted glass since the cable box and everything are inside; remotes wouldn’t have worked through wood, but they do through the frosted glass.


While you can still sort of see through it, especially when something is lit up, the frosted glass does a decent job of hiding the mess that’s inside


You can see that there are four shelves built in, which are height adjustable, and they’re holding the cable box, dvd player, video game units and games, movies, cds, and extra remotes.  So much better!

This room is nearing completion…this summer, I’ll paint the fireplace; I don’t want to do it until I can open the windows, because I’m pretty sure the primer will be stanky.  Some of the tiles in front of the fireplace are loose, so we’ll have to re-tile there as well.  I’d also like to buy a new rug for the room, and we need to get all the floors in the house refinished, but then that’s all for the living room!

ps…anyone else notice that every picture I take seems to be crooked?  Is this how I naturally stand?!

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